14 April 2015

Clive's 10th birthday celebrations ...

The boys had a fantastic celebration for Clive's 10th birthday.  

Murray made a special ice-cream cake for Clive, decorated with lots of special doggie treats.

We can't believe Clive is now 10 years old!  How the years have flown!

Clive & Co

12 April 2015

Clive is 10 years old today!

Our magical Clive is 10 years old today!

The boys are really celebrating!

They'll have lots of photos to share in the coming days!!

- Clive & Co

28 February 2015

The boys see out the month on Sandymount Strand ...

After a long week's work - there was nothing the boys enjoyed better than a free run on Sandymount Strand this morning.  They met lots of other dogs and walkers which they always love and Murray was able to tell lots of people to 'like' Clive on Facebook!

After the walk - a big kiss from Clive for Murray!  Nothing like a little bit of appreciation for a great morning!!

- Clive & Co

14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

The boys hope you enjoying a little 'love' today whatever you're doing and wherever you are in the world!

love from the boys ....

- Clive & Murray

07 February 2015

Its that time of the year again - back supporting the Dubs!

Dublin won tonight!!  So the boys are very happy!!

Great to get one over Donegal after last year's semi-final defeat, an important two points!! 

Roll on Killarney in three weeks time! 

Up the Dubs!!

- Clive & Co

31 January 2015

2014 - the year in review .....

Just before January leaves us, the boys have been chasing Mom to help them compile their best memories of 2014 - they meant to do it weeks ago but the days have just flown by this January.

It was all about the animals in 2014 for Murray!!

Early in 2014 Murray & Clive were totally fascinated with the hundreds of frogs in the back garden - mating away for over a week last March.  They boys sat out beside the pond for hours watching the frogs and were even interviewed on Mooney goes Wild on RTE Radio 1 about their passion for all things wildlife and the great working relationship they have together.

But it's not just the animals and wildlife at home that appeal so much to Murray - he adores visiting Zoos and we visit a lot!!!  Dublin Zoo regularly and Selwo Safari in Estepona even more regularly! The boys were in Spain a lot during the year and Selwo is only five minutes from their house and those lemurs are pretty amazing!

At Dublin Zoo - it's all about the giraffes as usual and Murray was thrilled to meet up with Head Keeper Gerry Creighton about during 2014 ...

For Murray's 16th birthday this year there was only one thing he wanted to do - swim with the sealions again at Selwo!  He had a brillant time and was so happy swimming in circles!  You can guess what he wants to do next year!  He likes routine so it's already in the diary for 2015!

Like Dublin Zoo the staff in Selwo are fantastic with Murray and Kermie comes along with Murray to share in the excitment of visiting the animals.  Obviously Clive has to stay at home when we visit Safari Parks and Zoos.  But Kermie is a great help to Murray when Clive isn't around.

Murray has a passion for giraffes so being able to get up this close to the giraffes in Selwo during the summer was amazing.  Murray even got to feed a giraffe.  He was so excited!

When the boys were over in Spain during the summer - travelling up in a cable car was a little too much for Clive so Murray took Kermit along with him. Kermit has proved invaluable over the past few years in helping Murray along in places where Clive can't go -

Yes, it can be hard sometimes to see our 16 year old son carrying a 'muppet toy' talking to him and interacting with him like he's real!  Yes, Murray - we know Kermit is real!!!  But it helps Murray in situations where Clive is absent. Obviously it's much better to have Murray interacting with Clive and very less obvious to other people but if Kermie works in some situations then Kermie comes along!

We have gotten used to be stared at - comes of having an assistance dog for eight years so if people stare a little more because we have a green frog with us - well, we've got to the stage where we just don't even really notice anymore!

Another one of Murray's animal highlights of 2014 was visiting the Butterfly Park in Spain - Clive wasn't there obviously but Kermie showed plenty of interest in the butterflies too and that kept Murray very happy!

In November Mom & Dad took Murray to London for the weekend to see the Natural History Museum.  It's not only 'live' animals that fascinate Murray - he adores Natural History Museums and having watched David Attenborough's Alive over and over he couldn't wait to visit the NHM in London. As the trip involved lots of trains & buses, they decided to leave Clive at home with Murray's sister.  Kermit then made up for Clive and travelled all around London with Murray.  Murray loved London ....

Clive also stayed at home this year when Murray went to Disneyland Paris - he has been before but a very busy park with lots of rides that he can't go on means that visiting Disneyland is really not that much fun for Clive so Murray compensated with Kermit.  Yes we know Disneyland is not about the animals - unless you're Murray of course!  For Murray believes that Mickey & Minnie and all the gang are real!!

Murray adores Paris - scene of so many of his favourite films so we had to visit a lot of places! Kermit was never out of Murray's hands!!  If he can't have Clive with him everywhere - he has Kermie!

and then there was those lemurs again and again ...

We visited those lemurs so many times during 2014 in Selwo - but Murray was SO happy every time.  He just kept wanting to go back and back ....

In December in Spain Murray got to feed the penguins at Selwo Marina.  We go to the Marina a lot when we're in Spain.  It was too cold to swim with the sealions in the middle of winter so Murray had asked to visit the penguin enclosure.  It was a fantastic experience for him and he delighted the staff by telling them all the 'penguin' facts he knows and he knows a lot!!

Selwo Marina has always been particular great with Murray and we want to thank them yet again for the time and interest they showed to Murray.

We finished the year as we're started it back with those lemurs in Selwo! Kermit always visits but this December we also had Constantine along as well.  Not only did we see out the 2014 with the lemurs but Murray had us back on New Year's Day to meet them again!

So that's the boys highlights from 2014 - they had another great year working together and Clive enabled Murray to travel to lots.  Now as we approach Clive's 10th birthday in just a few months time, we are very thankful for all the things that they have been able to do together, all the places they have been able to travel to and all the great people they have met along the way.

From the strangers who stop us in the street to say hello and ask about Clive, to the staff in the many shops, restaurants and hotels we visit, to the crews of Aer Lingus (the boys flew eight times in 2014), to the incredible understanding staff in Dublin Zoo & Selwo Safari & Marina, we want to say a huge thank you!  You all go towards making our lives a lot easier and a lot more fun!

We as always really appreciate all the help and assistance that we get when we are out and about with the boys!

2014 was the boys 8th year working together!  It's amazing all that Clive has enabled Murray to do and achieve over those past eight years!

We're looking forward to lots more adventures in 2015 ....

Clive & Co

01 January 2015

Happy New Year - 2015!

A very Happy New Year from the boys ...

We hope 2015 will be a very good year for you .....