24 February 2009

A bit of fundraising and a CAT in Tangiers!

Many thanks to the High School, Rathgar for having us in today to talk about Irish Guide Dogs and in particular the Assistance Dog Programme! Hope you learnt lots kids about what we do and hope you all get involved in Shades 2009! Hear you're doing a cake sale as well - good luck with that also!

She who must be obeyed took the photo - she's still learning but I think I look okay??

Okay, yes another Cat! He insisted - the little man who rules this house - he actually wanted (and tried) to bring this cat home from Morocco last Saturday! Thankfully the cat was having none of it! Half of the beach in Estepona (ie hundreds of shells are on the kitchen table - he is making us all listen to the sound of the sea every meal!!) but another cat in the house would have been one step too far!!
As for all the talk of riding camels - well, I didn't even allow those photos on my blog!


  1. Hi there. I have been trying to put a comment on your blog for last few days. No success! Must be a bug somewhere.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask you The All Important Question: did they bring you back any good pressie... you know, to make up for leaving you behind?

  2. Heaaaa! Comments work again! :-)

  3. My you are a hard working dog!! Well done blogdog...hope you're getting well paid in prawns!

    BTW....little man in our house has brought home half the stones on Shankill Beach at this stage!! Luckily I needed the nice small pretty ones to decorate insert in new fireplace! Alas some rather big ones found their way home too!!

  4. Thanks Nan P - I got two lovely dried pig ears! One of my favourites!

    Have been having problems myself posting but I think that whole system went a bit crazy yesterday.

    Yes, Jazzygal - the big ones are the real problems - lots of tears were shed in Spain when we tried to explain that only a certain number of shells could come home and only small ones!! Fortuntely Grandma is still there so she is meant to be bringing the rest of them home next week!!!

  5. Hi Blogdog,

    seems you are a fantastic help to your owner just like I am, I've added your blog as a link on my blogpage, would you care to do the same for me?

    Henry (Andy's assistance dog in UK)

  6. Absolutely Henry, would be more than delighted to do so! Look forward to reading about what you're up too!


  7. Hey Clive!
    So nice to "meet" you! Thanks for visiting Charlie's blog ... sounds like you two have quite a bit in common. I've enjoyed your reading your "tails" and am looking forward to hearing more about your work with Murray. Keep it up buddy!