05 February 2009

Enjoying the snow!


  1. Looks like great fun Blogdog! Lucky you not having to drive in it...

  2. Hey Clive, Looks like you are having fun in the snow!! Still miss you in Cork!! Best wishes, Aileen (Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind) I was doing a bit of research on Autism and came across your site, Brilliant!! All the best. A

  3. You are a beautiful looking dog! I know another assistance dog - Chip - he is fab too!

  4. Hi Aileen

    Great to hear from you! Snow was great fun - not so happy with the gang taking off to Spain next week without me!! But they did try very hard with the hotel over there and they just totally refused to take me!! But I guess I have been there before so I'll just cope 'home alone!!' - well, I am getting looked after very well by a Puppy Walking Family in Dundrum!

    Aleoga - send us a photo of Chip - we would love to meet another Assistance Dog!

    With lots of woofs - Clive!