13 February 2009

Hey, thanks a million ... the little man is in, the post box has been opened (finally!!) and the card count is as follows:

Me (the main man) - 6 cards
The little man - 2 cards
The sister - 2 cards
SHE who must be obeyed - nothing!!
HE who pays the bills - nothing, zero, zip!!

Guess who is happy ....

Thanks for the gifts too!

Sally - the heart shaped cookies are just too cute!!

Josephine, the chocolate hearts for the little man are too much - you are some bus escort!!
Buddy - sorry you got no cards, but there's always special delivery tomorrow!!

1 comment:

  1. woofs, you got more cards that we did. we are going right out to check our mailbox again. we need more hearts! hee hee!