28 February 2009

Meet the brother!

Pepper Canister Church, Dublin - Fundraising Service for Guide Dogs
- that's my brother Clint with his owner Rosemary on the left .. Fundraising walk in Cabinteely Park for Guide Dogs - that's me on the left, Clint on the right!
Calming our nerves before an appearance on Ireland AM - breakfast show on TV3 - we were in studio to promote the annual Shades campaign for Guide Dogs!
Out of our litter - four of us are working doodles - Clint, Chad and Cash are Guide Dogs and I'm an Assistance Dog! Luckily Clint lives quite near to us and we get to meet often. We love to fundraise together and spread the word about the services Irish Guide Dogs offer. It's great for school kids in particular to hear about the benefits of having a guide dog and also the difference having an assistance dog can make to a family with a child with autism.


  1. My, my, what a cute family bunch you are. And four of you working! That can only be good to the (dog) economy, in some way, I am sure. ;-)

    Well done to you all, your genes must be powerful!

  2. oh Clive, you gotta get up to Hamleys! There are only 6,500 more pieces to sell to make up that puzzle.

    You have a very good looking family.