15 February 2009

Today is a sad day ....

My date never showed up ......

and it got even worse, the little man, she who must be obeyed and the sister all left this morning for Spain! The Spanish hotel refused to accept a Service Dog - I know, they did try ... even got on to the Spanish Embassy, the Spanish Guide Dogs, Spanish Assistance Dogs (just newly formed) but the law in Spain just isn't as good as the law here in Ireland and when the hotel said 'No' - that was it! The little man is gone - his grandparents and grand uncles and aunts are out there so it was bit of a family reunion plus his uncle, his new auntie from Cameroon and his new cousin so I guess they'll all be having a great time meeting up this evening!

Did I say I was sad, first I was let down by my 'date'
then I'm deserted today ......

(okay, I know I am getting really well looked after here in Dublin - but what about those Spanish prawns I had the last time I was in Marbella - prawns are one of life's great pleasures!!)

I am so sad, I'll just have to have another lie-down!


  1. Well, dawggone....I feel a little sad too Blogdog!

    What are they thinking of in Spain.....don't they know who you are?! OR how important you are to little man?

    Spain's loss, our gain. I did hear recently that an Assistance dog was refused entry to a Spar (I think) shop here in Ireland.

    I hope they bring you a special prawn meal home with them!!

  2. That is terrible. I guess some countries haven't made it to the 21st century. I'm sure you'll get good presents though.

  3. oh Clive, this is so sad. you are practically a human. it doesn't make sense that you aren't accepted everywhere that your humans are. we hope they will bring home some delicious yummies for you.


  4. Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments!

    Hope the treats are good .... they've been reminded!