05 September 2009

Our 100th post - celebrating three working years ....

3 years ago in June 2006 your Mom got the call to go to the Irish Guide Dogs Training Centre in Cork for a week's training on the Assistance Dog Programme ....

she met the four other Moms who would be training with her -

They spent the week walking the streets of Cork - learning about how to work with us - in public places, in restaurants, shops ....
and getting us 'dogs' to listen to them!! Amazing how we bonded with our new 'people'! Everyone said I might be a bit difficult - I was very close to my trainer but I bonded immediately with the little man's Mom! Hey, she was very nice!

A week later the little man and me were working together and have been ever since .... Whether it's playing with you and the family .... July 2006
or posing for photos - and we quite like having our photos taken - here we are during our first month together in July 2006 ....

We go away together all the time now -

We love staying in hotels - Ashford Castle was super cool - April 2007 ....

I loved being with you while you had your seaweed bath that time in Enniscrone ....
- you really loved that seaweed!
We work in rain .....
or shine ....

We travel all over the place together ...

Sitting in the old town of Marbella, August 2007

We've been to Spain on holidays and I know how you used to find travelling really stressful - but just look at us now ....

- sitting in Cannes in May 2009 .... looking for Mr Bean (okay, we never found him but it was a great trip!)

We can do so many things now that once you found so difficult and hard to cope with! Carrefour and Pizza Hut in Brussels got the really bad years - the time when people, lights, queues, waiting for food orders, a strange look from someone would result in tears and crying! Your frustration at not being able to communicate was difficult ... but now your speech has got so good! Look how you talk to me all the time!

When you first got up on a horse in ISB in Brussels in 2002 - the family knew a better time was emerging. Then they returned home to Ireland, got adopted by a cat (Tinkerbell, I love you really), got lots and lots of fish (don't really go with this but hey, you love them), started you riding twice a week, took you swimming with dolphins (I'll reserve my opinion there!) and finally, three years ago - they read about the Assistance Programme and I came into your life!

I'm there during the happy moments with you .... (Cliona's Wedding, my Trainer from Guide Dogs) - Cavan, August 2008
and at the sad times .... visiting Grandma's Liz and Great-Grandad's grave .... you never knew your Grandma Liz but you talk about her all the time ....
I'm always there celebrating Christmas with you - well Father Christmas never forgets to fill my stocking!
We work with the rest of the gang from Guide Dogs whenever a bit of publicity is called for ....
We meet up with my brother Clint and his guide dog owner, Rosemary, we love to work together talking to people about how guide dogs and assistance dogs work .... and what we do ...

We fundraise all the time so more children with autism will be able to benefit from an Assistance Dog ... and I'll even dress up for you ...

at Halloween because I know that's really important to you ...I'm there to make your Mom laugh when she needs a bit of cheering up! I'll sit with you in crowded football stadiums, watching while the Dubs never get past the Leinster Finals ....
I'll cope with getting groomed once a month because I know I have to smell super clean and fresh for all those public places we go to all the time ..... Sitting in the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, July 2007

I even made my First Holy Communion with you - well, I wore a rosette and took a piece of communion bread to show you that it was okay. It was a difficult day for you - you were unsure, but we got through it! May 2007
and all this and more I do and will continue to do in return for the smiles and the love that you give to me ....


your dog Clive

on the occasion of our 100th post!


  1. Oh Khlive!

    Woo've gone and made my mom all leaky!

    That was a pawesomely inkhredible post!

    I'm so furry thankful to have gotten to know WOO and The Not So Little Man and his family!

    They be furry special peoples!

    Hugz&Khysses fur many more posts,

  2. Congratulations Clive - that is truly the most inspirational 100th post we have ever read!
    We are so very pleased that you now have a blog so we can all get to know more - about your and the Not so Little Man and your family - but about autism.
    It has helped us so much to understand the sort of difficult situations that have to be faced.
    We can see how much the Not so Little Man has grown - not just in stature but in confidence.
    He is smiling for us all to see the difference that one, very shaggy dog, has made in his life!
    We love you Clive!
    We look forward to the next 100 posts!!!!
    love you lots
    Martha & Bailey & Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. PS we weren't at all sure about that seaweed bath!!!!!

  4. Clive,
    You are a wonderful dog! You make all of us smile, because of the way you help your Not so Little Man smile. What a difference you've made in his life.

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

  5. Oh Clive, what a wonderful 100th post you have written, it made my Mom cry for happy!

    The Young Guy you look after finds you a real blessing I am sure, its quite obvious to all!

    Here's to a happy future for All!


  6. Congratulations, Clive!
    Your post is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hey there Clive
    That is the most beautiful collection of memories you have with your now-not-so-little-man!!!! You are an incredibly brave and determined dog and we admire you immensely!. Please tell your now-not-so-little-man's mom that she is also to be congratulated on this amazing achievement: for all her hard work, patience and for creating such a wonderful, secure, happy and fulfilling home. AND for creating such a beautiful, interactive blog! We know that things aren't always easy for you all, yet you have perservered in the name of love.
    We salute you all!
    Lots and lots of licks and good wishes.

  8. Hi Clive - what an amazing 100th post, our female human cried a bit when she read it to us but we know it was happy tears! You are one pawsome doggie - we think you are truly inspirational and make us all the more determined to become PAT doggies, which has always been our ambition. (We know PAT dogs are nowhere near as amazing as service dogs, but puppy steps you know....!) We're so glad we've met you and your family through this great blog and we look forward with much joy to your NEXT 100 posts! Hugs and snuggles from two of your biggest(small!) admirers - JD and Max.

  9. Congratulations on your 100th post. we loved seeing how important you were to all the humans around you, not just the little man.

  10. Awesome celebratory post, Clive. We loved seeing your lives together through the photos. The Not So Little Man is so lucky to have you in his life.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  11. Clive, that was beautiful! As beautiful as your love with and for your peoples! You are a great asset to all dogdom! Giant hugs and kisses!

  12. Well Clive, what a truly moving post that was....the human is welling up! You and your Little Man have been through so much together, as you said, through good times and bad....and we're so happy that you share them with all of us. You, the Little Man and of course his wonderful Mum are an inspiration to us all, you make their lives easier and you all make our lives richer with one of the coolest blogs known to man or beast!
    Congratulations on 100 wnderful posts and here's look forward to hundreds more!
    Slobbers xx

  13. Oh, that was the most beautiful, beautiful post! My human is choking up too. Congrats on 100 wonderful posts and we're looking forward to many more!

    And it was a wonderful day for us when we met you! We'd always "heard of" assistance dogs but never really appreciated what or how much they do - or what it really means for the children to have one - until we discovered your post and started coming on your adventures with you. We think your blog is just wonderful and so good at letting people get to know assistance dogs better.

    Keep up your fantastic work, Clive - you are an incredible inspiration to doggies (and humans) everywhere!

    Honey the Great Dane

  14. Thank you for all those pictures and congratulations on your 100th post. Mom better not give us a seaweed bath
    Benny & Lily

  15. That was the bestest 100th post EVER! Can't wait for the next 100!

    Your pal,


  16. Congratulations on 100 and a salute for all of the awesome things that you do. It is so cool to see a working dog's life!

  17. This is by far the BEST 100th post we have ever seen!! The difference that you are making in this little boy's life is amazing!!! I only hope that I can make as big of a difference as you when I am all done training!!


  18. 100th post has nothing on all you've done Clive! Very impressive! You certainly bring alot of joy to everyone's life.

  19. Incredible all you've done, Clive. The bond you have is so evident and the difference you have made. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  20. hi clive and gang, what a great 100th posting. You sure have sloted into murray's life with great ease. We can see from the pictures how you and murray and his family have grown with each other over the last three years. We are puppy walking Zeta (Standard Poodle) for IGB and she is a joy. Hopefully when my son gets a service dog it will be as good as u and zeta. Your web site cheers me up when i am having a bad day with my asd son.
    Hugs and paws to u and yours
    Best wishes,

  21. Clive, that was the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen. What a wonderful journey. You are such a special dog, I admire you. Your family is beautiful. I think you must be an inspiration to other people who have little men and women with autism. Thank you for all that you and your family do.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  22. Dear Clive,
    wWll I just loved this post the best! I am so glad you and Murray, and Murray's family have each other and have had so many wonderful adventures together!
    When you have a little hooman with autism, one of the best things is to look back and see how much progress has been made. The not-so-little-Man has made fabulous progress, hasn't he?

    well done Clive,
    Mr Darcy

  23. Happy 100! What a fabulous post! You and Murray are just the perfect pair! What was it like jumping on a trampoline? We've always wanted to try that out!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. Happy 100th post. It was so beautiful and it made our Mom all leaky. The pictures and their captions are so moving.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  25. Hey Clive
    You do so many things do you sing too? I know you dance.

  26. Hiya Norwood, can't I'm afraid although the not-so-little man can hold a tune!

    Maggie & Mitch - the trampoline is great fun but take note its sunken into the ground! I wouldn't be getting up on one! This one is easy to run onto and just as easy to run off from when I've had enough!

    Thanks Mr Darcy, he has indeed!

  27. Clive that was brilliant as usual.
    It must be great to look back at all those memories and the progress you have helped Murray to make. Its amazing to read and makes me proud, even though I've never met you (hopefully I will some day.)
    Keep up the great work and the great writing. Heres to many more posts.
    Love Jen and OJ xx

  28. Congrats on reaching this very special mile stone. We feel honoured to know you and to share this special time with you.
    You two have sure had some fun times together.
    Seaweed bath, ey?! Did you try some??

  29. Mom says thank you for the kind birthday wishes. I hope my 40s are as good to me. (her)

  30. I'm wiping away the tears here... such a lovely post.

  31. What a fantastic life you have Clive, happy 100th post Clive, from your number one Kildare fans Michele & Amy Conway x

  32. Oh Clive, what a lovely, lovely post. Brought tears to my eyes!

    Tahnks for sharing. xx Jazzy & WiiBoy

  33. Superb achievements Clive, and we are fortunate to be able to follow along. You obviously have a positive impact on all who are lucky enough to meet you.

    Heartfelt congrats!

  34. Congratulations Clive - may there be many more!