30 March 2010

A wheelie mini-me arrived in the post - ERIC - thank you so much!!!!

Yesterday afternoon a very special parcel in the post! A wheelie mini-me from Eric! The NSLM carefully brought the parcel over to the table .... he kept wondering what was in the box! Well, he couldn't contain his excitment when he opened the box!Clive, Mom, Dad, Sorcha -LOOK - it's a baby Clive! That's exactly what he called it! He adores it! Thank you so much to Eric's Mom for making this fantastic wheelie Clive! It is the most amazing minature of Clive. You have made it look just like him! Murray has been so excited .... he's has been carrying it around the house (so carefully) and showing it to all of us (over and over) - and every time we have to keep saying - what a fantastic wheelie - a mini-Clive - what a great gift from Eric and his Mom!Clive modelled with his mini-version of himself .....and it looks so like him - we love his little yellow bone and yellow ball and his yellow collar (you can imagine that all went down very well with Murray!). The collar even has the most amazing little silver bone hanging from it! Murray has just been so excited about this wheelie! A hundred million thanks to Eric and his Mom!
It's the best Easter gift ever - no amount of chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny could beat this!

with lots of love and thanks
Clive and Murray

ps- we'll post a photo tomorrow for Miss Enid's Scruff's Dog Show! We've never had a wheelie before so we're so happy to be able to enter now!

29 March 2010

Jumping for joy!

We're jumping for joy! We are so happy that Murray's school won €3,000 in the AIB Better Ireland Programme!Voting took place from February 15h through to March 15th and we know lots of you were very good and took the time to vote for Murray's school.There were three amounts available to be won - €5,000, €3,000 or €2,000 from our local AIB branch in Blackrock.This year voting this year was by text or email and over 500,000 votes were cast for projects all around the country. We would have liked to have won the €5,000 but still we were very happy that Murray's school - St Augustine's in Blackrock will get €3,000. This money will be used to help finance a breakfast club for some children in the school who come to school hungry every morning. Thank you again to all our friends for voting for St Augustine's School. A big thank you from Murray and all his pals!We really are jumping for joy!

26 March 2010

It's a fishy, froggy, flowery Friday!

It's Friday! It's the start of the Easter holidays ... two whole weeks together just me and the not-so-little man ... We spent the afternoon in the garden ... playing on the trampoline (we love our ragger - JD and Max) ..... We tried to find as many different daffodils as we could .... I helped in the search .... I've a good nose for these things .... But first of all I found his Mom's favourite - her purple hellebore... it sneaks up early every spring! I grabbed a quick hug! Before we found some primoses .... and a purple aquilegia .... and purple wallflowers - well, if yellow is the favourite colour of the NSLM - his Mom's is purple! I gave the air a 'good sniff'! Where had Murray gone .... He discovered another two clumps of frog spawn in the pond! (If you look closely at the photo - or biggify it - you will see one clump on the left and two on the right!) Very excited we went back into the house to check on Murray's frog! He brought this home from school today - he does pottery in school and loves it! Norwood, he specially wanted you to see it!! Oops, and yes, the real reason my nose got twitching - it wasn't the frog spawn rather the fishy smell in the house! Not this plate of fish, mind you, this is from Disneyland Paris! The gang never ate as much fish as during their stay there .... oodles of fresh fish every day (and I missed it!) No, the yummy smell was smoked salmon, my most favourite treat! The NSLM's sister was doing dinner ... yes, at 12 years old - we have great hope for her culinary skills! She was told she could do what she wanted with some prawns and salmon and this wasn't a half bad attempt! But no I was told to go back outside and keep looking for those yellow daffodils! Not violas, Murray!and certainly not those echiums! The NSLM's Mom got these echium seeds on ebay last two years ago and has been growing them since! They are white echiums from the Canary Islands and really shouldn't be surviving our Irish winters but they have and are! They are nearly five foot high at the moment - we're hoping they will grow to over seven foot this summer and produce lots of lots white flowers which the bees love! and finally, we find some more yellow daffodils ....So I can finally get to sit down and contemplate our fishy, froggy, flowery Friday! Do you think the NSLM will give me a little bit of smoked salmon?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

- Clive

24 March 2010

BOO-YAH!! An almost wordless Wednesday (coming close to Clive's quarterly share tips update!)

Coming up next Wednesday on the last day of the month, it's our quarterly update ...

Find out in seven days who is way ahead of the market .... is it Mad Money's Jim Cramer or the largest investment houses in Wall Street or is it Clive - Assistance Dog extradordinare and non-fee charging financial guru????

Check back here in the meantime to see what Clive's original share picks were ....

Please note as a 'dog' Clive is not regulated by any financial authority and you follow his guidance and advice at your own risk!

22 March 2010

Spring is most absolutely definitely here!

Spring has really finally arrived and we can play outside .... Put the bird-house up! There's a little camera inside and every morning the first thing Murray does is go check on the television to see if any birds are inside yet! Paws crossed a blue tit decides to use it as a nesting box because he is so excited at the very idea of having eggs in the nesting box! Lying in the sun with my NSLM is one of my favourite activities .... We counted all the daffodils in the garden - yes, you can guess that being yellow they are his favourite flowers! He planted all these bulbs with his Mom last autumn and he just loves that they are all starting to bloom now! Just keep petting me Murray! and some more daffs .... and more hugs ..... and most exciting of all the Spring things we saw in the garden yesterday .... frog sprawn in the pond! This had Murray dancing around in circles of delight and he's checking up on them ten times a day to see how they are doing ..... While sitting contemplating Spring - I thought about the trampoline .... and then I was on it! Jumping up and down with my not-so-little man! Trying to see which of us could jump higher!! Only Mom's photo skills didn't quite get that jump!! She was back photographing the crocus! We love that Spring was finally arrived!

20 March 2010

Celebrating St Patrick's Day in Disneyland Paris ....

St Patrick's Day in Disneyland Paris meant an early morning meeting with Pluto - Pluto knew the NSLM well by now and spent a long time playing with him ... and checking out his beard .... Murray was really excited at being a Leprechaun for the day! Pluto and Murray became the 'best of friends'! and Eeyore was wonderful too! and then Chip and Dale (or Tic et Tac) depending on whether you speak English or French - were great at entertaining the NSLM. Tic et Tac were 'real characters' in the hotel and were full of mischief particularly at dinner in the hotel chasing Donald Duck around the tables! Then it was into the Park to meet Minnie in her special green outfit for St Patrick's Day! There was a long queue to meet Minnie here but with his special assistance pass - the NSLM got to meet her straight away (and she was very nice to him!)and then it was over to meet Mickey Mouse in his 'green' outfit!The parade on St Patrick's Day always has a special 'pre-parade' with Mickey and Minnie! and this year ... the Murray Pipe Band! Yes, the band was the Murray Pipe Band and the NSLM was so amazed and excited to see them! Look Mom, did you see that! They are called MURRAY!! DUG and himself loved watching the parade (or parades!!) For over the few days they were there - the NSLM insisted on watching every parade, every time! Being able to go in the Disabled Access Area to watch the parade means that the NSLM gets to see the parade without too many people crowding around him - which makes a big difference. Apart from the parades and the characters the NSLM loved all the rides - Thunder Mountain is his favourite now - after years of 'It's a small world' .... and he insisted on going on it many times ... with his hat on and with his Dad holding DUG! but he also still loves the Magic Kingdom rides so there was lots of Flying Elephants and Teacups as well! In front of the castle on St Patrick's Day there is always a bit of traditional Irish dancing ....and the NSLM's sister was great at getting up and dancing with them! Murray would have none of it but he did watch and cheer on his sister! She was great helping the little ones with their Irish dancing! and finally at the end of evening - a green fireworks display!St Patrick's Day in Disneyland Paris was a lot of fun and excitment. Murray loves spending a few days there every year - yes, the family have been there for the past eight years for St Patrick's Day - which may seem crazy and a touch over indulgent! But for the sheer delight and pleasure that the NSLM gets from being there and meeting all the characters his Mom and Dad feel it is well worth it!

Going in March is actually 'off season' so a lot cheaper than the summer months. Having all the characters in the hotel for breakfast and dinner means that the NSLM gets to meet all his favourite characters as many times as he wants. He is so excited and happy to meet them all particularly Pluto - and yes, he still believes they are all 'real'.

Having the Special Assistance Pass means he gets to access all the rides with more ease and less waiting times. He also gets to view the parades with more ease from the Disabled Viewing Areas and most of all Disneyland cannot be beaten for their great empathy, friendliness and assistance to those with special needs. Murray may want to live there .... his Mom just wishes lots of other places were as 'special needs' friendly as Disney!

Okay, that is all the Disney photos we are going to inflict on everyone - it will be back to a resumption of normal services tomorrow ....

- Clive