01 May 2011

Sorcha on Sunday - "Dogs Singing" - a really great book!

Sunday morning and before I left the house to go football training - I caught Clive reading ....

Last Sunday - Dad gave Mum a book for Easter (said she could do with eating less chocolate and reading more!!) Dad has been on and on at Mom about the book she's been writing about Clive and Murray (she's taking too long according to Dad!!) and he reckoned a really good 'dog' book might encourage her and get her to "pull her finger out" (his words!!!)

He gave Mom - Dogs Singing - A Tribute Anthology, compiled and edited by Jessie Lendennie and published by Salmon Poetry.

Anyway, Mom loves the book .... as does Clive and Murray! It's a collection of poems 'by' dogs, 'for' dogs and 'about' dogs. If you love dogs - you will really love this book. Mom has been reading it all week, reading the poems to Murray, getting Murray to read some of the poems and all the time sharing them all with Clive!

Clive and Murray's favourite poem is 'The Dog as Oracle' by Patricia Monaghan
The Dog as Oracle

Inside the building, bloodhounds
give chase down endless corridors.

In the dark forest, a white terrier
snuffles along the shadowy path.

On the roadside, a border collie,
too old to work, limps slowly by.

In the gray winter dawn, the great
black mastiff silently approaches.

Death is near if you meet one of these.
Another predicts wild sudden hunger.

A third, remembered joy. The fourth?
Ah, that I cannot say, nor can I tell

which threatens which, nor why.
Which promises which, nor when.

But I can tell you this, every dog
you meet is an oracle, a guide,

a guardian, a muse, a holy thing,
every dog stands half in this world,

half in that, signaling to us:
here, look! the answer! here!

the answer! look! look here!
can't you smell it? oh, yes here!

The only truth I know is this: no dog
is ever far from god, not far at all.

You can see how Murray and Clive love this poem.

Murray continually thinks that God is talking to him through the sunbeams shining through the clouds that he loves to sit and watch and he is always asking Clive to talk to him and he thinks Clive is 'human' so now he just reckons that Clive is one of God's 'angels' here on earth to work with him.

If you just could hear him asking Clive "just tell me Clive - what is heaven like" ... "Clive, can you ask God how Grandma Liz is getting on ...."


Anyway, if you do see this book for sale it's well worth getting and royalties from the sale of Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology go to the Soi Dog Foundation (Phunket, Thailand) and MADRA (Co Galway, Ireland).

I left them all to it .... sometimes football training even at 9am on a Sunday morning is a great escape!!

- Sorcha on Sunday


  1. Sounds like a lovely book.
    Sorcha will you ask your mum to promise me that when she finally writes and publishes her book, it gets published in braille and audio at the same time as the printed addition? All three formats rarely get published together, but its very exciting for people who are blind when they do.

  2. It sounds like a great book, Sorcha. Great stories about Murray and the clouds - be sure Mom includes that in her book too. Mom is reading a great book about a boy with autism, Cowboy and Will. We just know she would want to read about Clive and Murray too.

    Hope the football training went well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. LOL - Murray makes me smile. We could all do with a few more angels here on earth... Lovely post, Sorcha!

  4. This sounds like a wonderful book! Thank you for a great post, Sorcha!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. This is powerful! I will look for the book on this side of the Big Pond and with fingers crossed will make it my month of May 'seek and ye shall find' project. Love having a goal! Now you've got me staring at Sophie wondering things...sunbeams and clouds. An eye opener...thanks!
    Sophie's Papa Ron

  6. Oh Clive you are really an avid reader, BOL. We love the poem too
    Benny & Lily

  7. Sounds like a great book indeed!

  8. Football training at 9am on a Sunday morning... even at 9am on ANY morning is a major achievement in my view... ;-) Sorcha, you are just brilliant! And I love your writting.

    The poem is fab!

  9. WOW!!! Thank You Sorcha, Murray and Clive!!!!! I'm thrilled with your Wonderful Endorsement! I'll let Patricia Monaghan know that your favourite is Dog as Oracle. She'll be delighted.
    Much Love,
    Jessie Lendennie
    Salmon Poetry Ltd.