21 March 2012

Why Murray loves celebrating St Patrick's Day in Disneyland Paris ....

Murray was back in Disneyland Paris last weekend for St Patrick's Day ...

He absolutely loves going to Disneyland .....

Every year for the past 10 years - we've brought him over for St Patrick's Day.  Every year we tell him that will be the last year.  But every year we end up back over in Paris!  Murray gets such joy from spending a few days there meeting all the characters and watching the parade that we keep going back .....

'It's a small world' is one of Murray's favourite rides - he takes a lot of photos inside 'It's a small world' and he wanted lots of them uploaded ....

So we have put them up for him and lots of the other photos he took as well.  In fact Murray took nearly all the photos this holiday (apart from the ones that he is in himself obviously!!).  He is becoming a great photographer (well that is the what he wants to be when he is a grown-up, so he's getting lots of practise in!).
Friday in Disneyland Paris was a lovely warm day (a big surprise!) and Murray and Sorcha did lots of rides - Thunder Mountain, the Haunted House, the Teacups and of course 'It's a small world' lots of times. 

Disneyland have new rules though at 'It's a small world' and only one 'mentally impaired' guest at a time is allowed on the boat ride.  So this meant long waiting times as there could be three or four guests with an intellecutal disability waiting for the ride and the rides takes 10 minutes.  Several times we were kept waiting for 30 minutes or more, not easy for a child with autism.  Handing out times like they do on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride would be a good idea and then you could just come back at your allotted time and get straight onto the ride.

Disneyland Paris has a new Disney Parks Accessiblity Guide which uses the terms 'mentally impaired' and 'mentally disabled' throughout.  If we had a choice we would always use 'intellectually disabled' but there you go ....
Lots more photos from 'It's a small world' ....
Murray loves watching and photographing the 'Once Upon a Dream Parade' - he took some fabulous photos ....
He particularly loves photographing Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty ....
In the evening Murray loves meeting the characters at dinner although he wasn't too happy with Mickey Mouse rubbing noses with him!  He didn't like that at all!  A bit too close for comfort ....
Disneyland Paris have really embraced celebrating St Patrick's Day over the past few years.  There were Irish dancers and pipers playing in the pre-parade, Mickey and Minnie were dressed in green and there were fantastic green firewords at Sleeping Beauty's castle that night.

Due to lots of ongoing work for the upcoming 20th year anniversary celebrations Mickey and Minnie in their green outfits were not in their usual photo spots - but we found them!  They were hiding over near the Indiana Jones ride where there was also a Pin Trading Post as well.

Murray has been collecting Disney pins for years - particularly the St Patrick Day pins so he was delighted to be able to go over and trade some pins.  A big 'SHOUT OUT' here to cast member Patrick who was trading pins and went back to his locker to find a special St Patrick Day pin from 2002 for Murray.  Patrick, we really appreciated that!
Walking around the park Murray loved meeting the characters and showing off his pins to them.  Aladdin, his pet monkey Abu and the Genji were all wonderful chatting to Murray about his pins and Jack Sparrow was fantastic too!  Murray was particularly pleased to get to meet Jack Sparrow this year - we hadn't managed to find him before!
Sorcha is wonderful with Murray and goes on all the rides with him - even if it is the Teacups for the 10th time!
All the Disney princesses were in the parade and Murray was really happy when they came over and said hello to him at the Disabled Viewing section.  In previous years this section could get really crowded when several family members would accompany the 'guest requiring assistance' so we were very pleased to see that Disney have changed the rules and only one person is allowed to accompany them now.  Some people still try and challenge the rules but the cast members were very good at patrolling the area.
Murray met Snow White in the new Princess Pavilion.  She was lovely with him - asking him lots of questions and admiring his pins.
Dinner in the hotel was great fun every evening with lots of Disney characters coming over to say 'hello' and Murray loved the food in the hotel.  There was fish shaped like dolphins, whales, starfishes and crabs which he really loved and yummy meatballs too and pancakes with nutella for dessert!  His Mom and Dad were happy too with lots of fresh langoustines and crab claws.

Another big SHOUT OUT here to Siad in the 'Inventions Restaurant' who was so good with Murray and on the first evening when he realised how much Murray was enjoying the mini mousse au chocolat disappeared off and came back with five mousses on a special plate for Murray!  Many thanks to Siad (who has been working with Disney in Paris since it opened 20 years ago!).
Murray could never get enough photos of Maleficent ......
He loved the green dancers with the Lion King float ....
He loved the posters of the Titantic and the Statue of Liberty ....
He loved taking photos of his Mom and Sorcha on the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop ride.  Luckily he didn't get too upset that Disneyland Paris have changed their rules this year and no person with an intellectual disability is allowed to go on it. He had loved doing this ride last year but we were informed that due to an 'incident with a child with autism' on the ride last year - the ride is now 'off-limits' to people with intellectual disabilities.
The Stars 'n' Cars parade in the Studios was also different this year - much shorter with no show at the end of it!    Murray had really enjoyed the show last year but none this year!
Clive might have stayed at home (we have never thought it fair to bring him along to Disney (he couldn't do most of the rides and Murray likes his Mom, Dad and sister to do on them all with him) but Clive was never forgotten ...

In his place to comfort Murray was Dug from UP back accompanying Murray for the third year and in a green outfit for St Patrick's Day (courtesy of Build-a-Bear).  Dug didn't miss out on anything - he went absolutely everywhere with Murray!
Dumbo the Flying elephant is another favourite - even if Murray is 13!  You can guess also what colour elephant he always wants!  YELLOW of course!  His delight in getting into a yellow elephant was immense!

Princess Tiana was another really lovely princess - again taking lots of time to talk to Murray about his pin collection.
So that was Murray's 10th year to visit Disneyland Paris .....

Definitely the last year!!! (Okay, Murray we hear you - maybe NOT!!)

Many thanks to everyone in Disneyland Paris who made our trip so enjoyable. We very much appreciate the great welcome we get every year and the time and effort that the characters take with Murray. Murray's dad gets choked up every year when he watches Murray's delight as the characters interact with him!

If there was only one trip we did a year - it would be Disneyland Paris - just for Murray!

- Murray at Disneyland Paris 2012


  1. Why make it the last year? It looks like a fun time! (Although we're with you, Clive - we'd just as soon stay home and let the humans have the fun - too many people for us!) BTW, Murray, we think you got some fantastic photos!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. Brilliant photos, Murray, It looks like the whole family had an amazing time, hope it helped with Mom's recuperation!

  3. What a fantastic post, we love the way the photos are color coordinated. We would like to vote to go back next year in case we get a vote so we can see more pictures.

    1. We've told Murray's Dad that you've voted to go back so we really have to go back now!!

  4. Wow, we think Murray loved EVERYTHING!!! All of the photos are so good, lovely colors - nice work, Murray. If we could have that much fun in one place, we think we could take a trip there every year too or maybe even a couple of times a year:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. A couple of times a year!! Now there's an idea!!!

  5. I don't see why you wouldn't want to go back every year for at least another 10 years! It sure looked like everyone was having a great time and Murray really has as eye for photography.



  6. Love all the photos, what a fantastic place, no wonder Murray wants to go back every year

  7. What wonderful picture, Murray! You're making me and my mom wish that we could go there too!

    Love ya lots,

  8. you obviously had the best day ever!!!
    Benny & Lily

  9. What a great adventure you have Murray, I love disneyland I wish I could be there too someday LOL! Snow white and Tinkerbell are absolutely beautiful! I want to hug Mickey and Miney Mouse too :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  10. I'm loving all of these collages! Such fun, such joy! We were there last year... kids want to go back again of course (but we have to save up!)

  11. What a most excellent photo reportage! We felt as though we were right there with you, Murray! THANKS!

    Tommy (and all the Poupounette Gang)

  12. Love the report and the photographs. Disney World employs the most beautiful looking ladies and the most handsome looking men and I am so glad that they were kind to Murray and it looks like you all had a great time. Disney World Paris looks like a great fun place to visit.

  13. WOW WOW WOW! What fabulous photographs and what a wonderful time it looks like was had by all. It is nice to be back online and reading blogs again, catching up with what is going on. Sorry I have been out of the loop for awhile but now I should be back around visiting often to see how Clive and Murray are doing.

  14. Murray has become such an accomplished photographer. Truly we are impressed with all these pictures. They have been arranged in such a way that it was easy for us to view them too! Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  15. Hi! Just found you, and glad I did. I love St. Patrick's Day, and Disney, so this post was lots of fun. Too bad Clive couldn't go but I'm happy the rest of the family had fun.

  16. You are a great photographer Murray! We almost felt like we were at Disney with you. Glad you had such a great celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

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