21 May 2014

Clive & Murray and the girls at Loreto on the Green .....

Clive & Murray had a great day today - they went in to visit Loreto College, St Stephen's Green to thank the girls and staff there for their continued support for Irish Guide Dogs .....

Clive was particularly delighted with all the attention!

Every year the girls hold a Skip-a-thon and raise money in support of the work of Irish Guide Dogs.  Murray doesn't often get the chance to go along on school visits with Clive but he was in Loreto on the Green two years ago and really enjoyed meeting the girls.  So when he heard that Clive and Mom were going back into Loreto today - he made sure he got permission to leave his school early and go along with Clive ....

Murray really enjoyed the interaction with the girls, he helped Mom explain about the work that Clive does and he was certainly well able to make sure the girls realised just how special Clive is to him.

The 1st and 2nd year students that we met in Loreto today were fantastic - so supportive of the boys and so encouraging as Murray & Clive took to floor in the PE Hall.  We really enjoyed meeting them all and we want to thank everyone in Loreto College, the girls and all the staff and in particular their PE teacher Jill who organises the Skip-a-thon every year for the continued support they give to Irish Guide Dogs.

- Clive & Co


  1. Look at Clive in the second picture, saying "Whoo-Whoo, Me and all these girls!"

  2. What a fun outing, and a great bunch of girls! Lucky Murray and Clive!


  3. Great to hear that the girls from Loreto are helping Irish Guide Dogs, it is such a good cause. Everybody looks happy in the photographs - however, I wonder what Clive was thinking about in the second photo - was he saying "What's the buzz? What's a happening?"

  4. Lads, you certainly look like you were enjoying yourselves! Well done to all the girls too!