24 May 2014

Murray and Clive living in Dublin with Autism .....

The boys are delighted to be featured on Today.ie - South Dublin a few days ago - they're looking forward to giving weekly updates on what they get up to in South County Dublin ....

If you click on Murray and Clive living in Dublin with Autism - you can read their introductory article.

We hope you're having a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

- Clive & Murray


  1. I am so proud of Murray and Clive and all they have accomplished.

  2. A kiss is just a kiss but is it? Looks like a lot of loving's going on!

  3. I wish we had more organizations like yours here in the United States. My grandson has autism and I know he would benefit from having a therapy dog. He is 15 and in high school, but he has a hard time working with other students, etc. etc. etc. all the things you already know. Thank you for your good work.