16 June 2014

Dads are pretty special, Special Needs Dads even more special .....

Yesterday was Father's Day and although we think that our 'Dad' here is pretty special every day of the year, yesterday we made sure he knew just how 'special' he is ....

Being a Dad is never an easy job and it's a job for life, even more so when you have a special needs child. You know that there is always going to be a certain 'extra' responsibility that comes with that job!  Chances are you'll not be waving goodbye to them at the airport some day seeing them flying off to conquer the world on their own.

But what's wonderful about being a Special Needs father is that you get a whole new insight into parenting that you might not otherwise have known. Life-long commitment to the job takes on a whole new meaning.  It makes you a stronger parent though and a parent willing to do 'anything' for your Special Needs child.

It makes you appreciate the 'smallest' achievements, the most minor of successes and it makes you very proud of little things that happen that might not ordinarily register on the scale.

Being a Special Needs parent, a Special Needs Dad is not an easy job but it's a great job - it brings a certain joy and fulfillment that only people with special needs kids will appreciate ...

You may still have to supervise showering, help with the shaving, help with the dressing, help with the constant lack of confidence, help with the decision-making because they can't decide or don't know how to, help with lots of things that most 15 year old kids no longer need help with but you do it, because you're their Dad!

There's a lot of helping involved with being a Special Needs Dad!

You also go places, do things and make exceptions that you wouldn't ordinarily do ....

You have your hair cut just the same as your son just because it makes him happy and if you have your cut, so will he .....

You also have to remember the importance of being 'Dad' to the other kid in the house too and play that role just as significantly as well - which you do with bells on!

So, to the very 'Special' Dad in this house - you rock!!!!  We hope you had a great 'Father's Day' ....

ps - Clive needs a walk!!!  Murray needs help in the bathroom!  Sorcha needs some financial advice/assistance!!

- Clive & Co


  1. Stop please - you have me in floods of tears here in work and that is not good!!
    PS; It's a easy job really!

  2. Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever! You rock!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. This may sound mushy but I think your story of how a special needs Dad has to perform is much preferable and more entertaining to read than the story of Leonard Bloom's imaginary walk around Dublin. When all is said and done James Joyce masterpiece is the most famous UNREAD book in history!

    1. Guess you're not a James Joyce fan, Anne!! Thanks for your comments about our Dad!

  4. Yes! Beautifully said! Murray is indeed lucky to have a Father like that! Happy Father's Day!

  5. Your family is such an inspiration to others.

    Piper, Celti, Argie and Ivy

    1. Thanks guys! We very appreciate your comment!